June 26, 2017

BerlinMaleModels & Antonio Rodriguez


Fundraiser for European Friends of Rainbow Railroad Inc. hosted by BerlinMen Against Homophobia and LGBT Photographer and LGBT Activist Antonio Rodriguez.

Rainbow Railroad is desperately struggling to liberate gay and bisexual men from what can only be described as modern day Concentration Camps and provide them with asylum in Canada.

Please donate what you can which gives them the finances needed for legal services, airfare, and temporary housing. If you cannot donate then please share.

After the Holocaust, everyone asked, “How did the world stand by and do nothing?” Well, here is your chance to do something. Or will our grandkids ask the same question of us?

==================== LINKS
Read More about Chechnya and the Homophobic concentration camps here:

Chechnya: Russia Attacks Gays

or follow our progress and reports on Facebook on BerlinMen Against Homophobia.

BerlinMen Against Homophobia on Facebook


All proceeds of this GoFundMe campaign will be donated to Rainbow Railroad for the cause of helping gay and bisexual men escape homophobia.

Please help them help others to escape the horrors of homophobia and help them get to freedom.  Give anything you can, and please share with everyone you think would care to help.

BerlinMen Against Homophobia and Berlin, Germany thanks you for your help!


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